From the moment I arrived I was Impressed with the positive attitude and vibe in the store. I was greeted and introduced to Jarin my sales associate who was ready to help anyway he could. I inquired about numerous motorcycles I wanted to see. He was very knowledgeable about all the products, and helpful answering my questions about each and everyone. In passing he showed me a beautiful new 2022 Sportster. I wasn't interested in a new motorcycle and Jarin encouraged me to test drive a few bikes so I could see the differences which I gladly did, And I was really impressed with the new Harley Sportster. I bought it. Next i was introduced to Nikki to do paperwork and talk finances, I was not going to finance my purchase but after talking to Nikki and she was able to get me great interest rate so i did finance part of my purchase. I was then introduced to Heather in service, she explained everything about the break in process and answered all my questions about service she even went as far as scheduling my future service. In between there somewhere i meet Jim in parts, He was a big help in finding all the accessories I was looking for. Then I was introduced to Judie she is my hero. I lost a Harley leather hat my deceased wife had bought me years ago I was heartbroken, after telling Judie this story this young lady went above and beyond to find me an exact replacement from another dealer in a different state, I can't explain what that meant to me personally. a big THANK YOU TO EVERYONE AT PHANTOM who helped me in buying the motorcycle of my dreams. (Employee: Jarin Allen, Nikki Fowler, Jim McElligott, Heather Mahlum, Judie Burnett)
David Walker
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